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💡 Steven Price’s Career Advice 💼 finding work Feb 13, 2024

My buddy Tristan Noon shared an excellent piece of wisdom from composer Steven Price on how he found success in his composing career:

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So often, composers looking to go full-time think that they need to “master” music-making in order to find work in the industry.

But so...

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😫 How to Overcome "Composer's Block" 🧠 mindset Feb 13, 2024

A student composer I’ve worked with in the past reached out to me a few weeks ago asking how I go about dealing with “composer’s block”.

Initially I was going to fire off a few quick tips, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how layered the issue really is.

So I’m going to try something different.

We’re going to do a multi-part examination...

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🎻 I Wrote MORE Game Music for Live Orchestra 🎹 composition Feb 06, 2024

2024 is off to a pretty amazing start.

I had the incredible privilege of co-composing three tracks with Hannah Zhang for NetEase’s “Fantasy Westward Journey”, performed by Budapest Scoring and the Bulgarian Sofia Choir and mixed/mastered by William Matthew Chen.

This track is the second phase of a boss battle called “Mind Monkey”, depicting a powerful, mystic...

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🤔 How to Decide if Composing Full-Time is Worth It ⭐️ highlights 🧠 mindset Feb 06, 2024

A few weeks back, an old friend and colleague of mine reached out in response to my newsletter to ask about a career pivot he’s been considering.

(He’s probably reading this one, too—hope you don’t mind me sharing!)

From my understanding, he composes mostly for pleasure at the moment, but has thought about giving it a go full-time.

When reaching out, he asked me for my...

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📵 Do Composers NEED to Post Content? 🤝 networking Jan 30, 2024

Students of my Composing Career Bootcamp know that content creation has played a big part in me getting the work I’ve gotten over the years.

I encourage my students to give it a try to help build “social proof”: to show interested directors/composers/producers that other people are interested in our work.

But one of my Bootcamp students asked a very fair question:


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🤯 A Musical in a TV Show in a Story in a Video Game 👂 listening Jan 30, 2024

I’ve recently been playing Alan Wake II, a psychological thriller about a writer whose fictional stories come to life as he’s writing them.

Beyond the game being extraordinary in terms of storytelling, music, and gameplay, what REALLY struck me was a mid-game intermission featuring a hybrid live-action and interactive musical.

(Mild spoilers below:)

The implementation of the...

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❗ Introduce Jeopardy Into Your Goals 🧠 mindset Jan 23, 2024

I watched an incredible interview with chef, entrepreneur, and TV celebrity Gordon Ramsay last month.

The interview is packed with little gems from a man who’s spent his entire life climbing uphill, but one of his lessons really stood out to me.

Check out 38:30 to hear Gordon’s thoughts on risk.

When asked about how he handled the insecurities and doubts surrounding risk, he...

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💪 Transform Your “Nervous Energy” 🧠 mindset Jan 23, 2024

To reframe anxiety related to your art or career, think about it like a rollercoaster.

On the way up, you feel nervous, anticipating the steep drop ahead.

“How much higher? What will the drop feel like? What if it goes too fast?”

That anticipation and nervousness peaks at the very top of the rollercoaster, until…

…the drop.

Suddenly, the once-quiet crowd erupts...

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🐼 How I Got to Compose for Kung Fu Panda on Netflix ⭐️ highlights 🤝 networking Jan 16, 2024

If you’re trying to find paid work composing for media, I’m sure you’ve fallen into this trap.

You Google “film music jobs” on Google, or see an opportunity pop up on social media.

Your heart races with excitement as you imagine the thrill of working on that project.

And then you read the job requirements.

Your heart sinks.

You’re not qualified. 


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🚀 Launch Your Career as a Media Composer 💼 finding work Jan 09, 2024

A few weeks back, my friend, composer, and part-time assistant Robert Rodriguez interviewed me in prep for the Composing Career Bootcamp launch.

In this hour-long jam-packed video, we discuss the honest truth about what it takes to go full-time as a media composer, and actionable steps you can take right now to help you get there.

Since the launch of the Bootcamp, we’ve had 60 students...

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