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๐ŸŽปย I Wrote MORE Game Music for Live Orchestra

๐ŸŽน composition Feb 06, 2024

2024 is off to a pretty amazing start.

I had the incredible privilege of co-composing three tracks with Hannah Zhang for NetEase’s “Fantasy Westward Journey”, performed by Budapest Scoring and the Bulgarian Sofia Choir and mixed/mastered by William Matthew Chen.

This track is the second phase of a boss battle called “Mind Monkey”, depicting a powerful, mystic monkey’s escape his imprisonment in an ancient mountain.

Some notable coolness includes a pretty brutal 4-measure string run halfway through, along with a double counterpoint in the climax between solo vocals and French horn. ๐Ÿค“

(If you follow my Instagram, you may have heard it already!)

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There will be a behind-the-scenes coming soon on my YouTube in the next few weeks, sharing bits of the sketching process, mockup, orchestration, live recordings, and mix/master, so stay tuned!

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