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Music is the underlying force behind any great film, animation, or videogame. It helps to define the identity of characters, foreshadow the future, recall the past, and guide the emotions of the audience.

I love collaborating with creators to find the musical voice for their project. I focus on bringing the directors' visions to life through music, shaping their stories into melody, harmony, and texture. I ensure that each score I compose is both unique and emotionally compelling, embellishing narrative and heightening emotion throughout.

Don't settle for unattached, non-tailored tracks from music libraries--let's discover the musical voice of your project together! Explore some of my work below, and reach out anytime via the Contact tab.


Many artists struggle to take their tracks to the "next level", trying desperately to emulate the music they love. That process of mixing, bouncing, listening, RE-mixing, RE-bouncing, can be a tedious one for many--or in other cases requires time that an artist simply doesn't have!

As a fellow composer/artist I understand that struggle, and find a great sense of excitement in helping fellow artists realize the ultimate potential of their tracks through mixing and mastering. I listen to the needs of each client, being sure to preserve their musical intentions and elevate their music to their vision. 

I've mixed/mastered orchestral projects, choral music, solo piano, jazz, indie pop, and hip-hop. Get in touch via the Contact tab and let's chat!


With the emergence of sites like Musescore, many people are growing accustomed to sloppy scores. While access to sheet music free-of-charge might seem harmless, these scores are often inaccurate and difficult to read. Put these scores in front of professional musicians, and suddenly time is being spent trying to decode the score when it should be spent on making music.

Having worked with professional copyists in both NYC and Nashville, I ensure that every score I edit is clean, concise, and accurate. I work in both Finale and Sibelius, and have experience copying and transcribing works for piano, vocals, jazz charts, and orchestral music. My clients have always been satisfied with both the aesthetic quality and accuracy of my work.

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At age 13, I nearly quit piano altogether. The music I'd been playing had begun to bore me, and the repetition of my scales & exercises began to feel mechanic. It was only when (in desperation) my teacher showed me Rachmaninov's Prelude in C# minor that I discovered a love for music deeper than ever before, and I've continued that journey ever since.

Based on my experiences as a student, I teach with a strong emphasis on the goals of each individual student. The learning of an instrument no doubt requires discipline and constant practice, but the motivation for these things comes from a love for the music itself. That's why I create custom lesson plans, assessing students' personal goals and creating a step-by-step plan on how to achieve them.

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Drama/Romance Reel

Animation Reel

Comedy Reel

Psychological/Thriller Reel


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Zach Heyde (b. 1993) is a composer for animation, film, and game residing in Nashville, TN. He specializes in orchestral and ambient music, characterized by evocative harmonies and textures. He is a skilled pianist, and performs with Frank Tedesco as “Frank & Zach Piano Duets”—a YouTube channel with over 200k subscribers to date.

Heyde holds a B.A. summa cum laude in music composition from the Hartt School. During his time at Hartt, Heyde composed actively for student films, animations, theater, and the concert hall, and performed with local hip-hop/soul band Broca’s Area. He was commissioned by Alfred Music Publishing to arrange numerous piano duets with Frank Tedesco, and several years later the duo founded sheet music webstore Stems Up Sound.

After graduating Hartt in 2015, Heyde taught piano and composition in his hometown of Darien, performing frequently with singer-songwriter Griffin Anthony before moving to Nashville the following year. He currently works as an independent copyist for Sesame Street and assistant to Engraver’s Mark Music, and composes actively for The Merry Mercenaries, a Twitch-based D&D group. Recently he has begun offering product reviews and demos for VST sample libraries such as Embertone, Orange Tree Samples, and more.



The Merry Mercenaries, Vol. 1 - composer
Spectral - composer
Pianovania - pianist, arranger
Heyde/Tedesco Piano Duets, Vol. 1 - pianist, arranger
Best Friend Cupid - pianist, keys
Clarity - pianist, keys
Fitch Avenue - composer

Concert Works

Darien High School Alma Mater - arr. for concert band & SATB
Silent Words - for soprano & piano
You Are Enough - solo piano
Celestium - solo piano
Rooted - for woodwind quintet
Totenstille - for string quartet
Cider House Rules - for orchestra
Phoenix - for clarinet, piano, cello, electronics
Mother Earth - for choir
The Awakening - for two pianos
Mutability - for choir

Film, Animation, & Game

Serpents - composer
The Dude and the Jellyfish - composer
Scream - composer
I Loaf You - composer
The Merry Mercenaries - composer
Show Dogs - assistant, score preparation
The Merry Mercenaries - composer
The Hard Candy Kid - composer
Silent Joy - composer
The Aether II - composer, main theme
Scent of Love - composer
The Proposal - composer, recording engineer
The Ugly Parts - composer
Camera - composer
Forge of Heroes - co-composer
A Long Road Home - composer
Cupcake Boy - composer, pianist
Peeping Tom - composer

Music Theater

Nature Cat: Christmas Special - copyist
Sesame Street: Beaches - copyist
Irving Berlin: American - copyist
Minecraft: Norse Mythology - part preparation
Show Dogs - part preparation
& Juliet - copyist
The Engaygement - assistant copyist
Beatsville - assistant copyist
OZ: A Musical Revue - orchestrator, copyist
The Cider House Rules - composer, pianist


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