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🆘 Why Most Composers Can't Go Full-Time 💼 finding work Nov 28, 2023

I Surveyed Composers Just Like You

I asked composers on the Composing Career Bootcamp Wait List to fill out a brief survey which you can check out here.

Of those...

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🏋️ Careers Need Practice, Too 💼 finding work Nov 21, 2023

If you’re trying to make composing a full-time profession, your practice routine needs to change.

Think of it like exercise.

The left side of your body is your craft...

  • Composing
  • ...
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🤞 Is That “Exciting Opportunity” Just Another False Promise? 💼 finding work Nov 14, 2023

Sometimes we’re offered opportunities that feel too good to be true.

They usually are.

It’s not that people mean to mislead or deceive you (always).

It’s that they don’t...

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🙌 Sharing a Student Win! 💼 finding work Oct 31, 2023

For today’s video, I wanted to share a huge win from one of my awesome students, Vasiko Machabeli.

Vasiko recently had the opportunity to score his first client project, which was a huge win....

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🤷‍♂️ Six Reasons You're Not Getting Composing Work 💼 finding work Aug 21, 2023

 It's tough to make money making music.

Here's some harsh truths about why you might not be getting hired (yet):

You're not skilled enough.

Ask people who you trust for their honest opinions...

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🎥 Why I Made YouTube Videos for $7/Hour 💼 finding work Aug 21, 2023

I've been making YouTube videos for over 15 years. I started my channel in 2006, beginning with piano covers and slowly shifting to educative content for composers.

So after all that time and...

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