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Imagine FINALLY Becoming a Full-Time Composer...

You've dreamt of this career for years now. You've dedicated hundreds of hours practicing your craft: studying theory, composition, arranging, orchestration, mockups, mixing, mastering, and scoring to picture.

And yet, despite all of your hard work...

You've still got no work, no network, and no idea what to do about it.

Here's some of the major obstacles you're dealing with right now:

  • There's no composing work where you live
  • You don't have anyone in your network
  • No one responds to your cold emails
  • The music you post isn't being listened to
  • You can't find music jobs online
  • You feel like you're wasting precious time

If that sounds about right, I feel your pain. 😖

Even though I went to music school, practiced non-stop, and graduated with great grades and an impressive portfolio, I struggled to find work for over a DECADE.

(The best gig I had after college was playing piano at a local church for 90 dollars a week.)

With every passing year, I grew more and more desperate.

"I just don't get it. I'm doing everything I can possibly think of. Why isn't anything working?"

Through pain, frustration, and endless trial-and-error, I FINALLY learned the key lesson that was holding me back from my dream career - a simple truth that all of my teachers, mentors, and coaches were too afraid to tell me:

If you're like 99% of composers, you're spending TOO MUCH time on your music and NOT ENOUGH time on the business of composing.

Music has become your "safe zone". 🫣

So If you want to FINALLY start landing paid work, you'll need to step out of that safe zone and start taking action.

But here's where things get tricky.

Most composers get SO overwhelmed trying to learn the business of music-making on their own that they tend to do one of two things:

  1. ⏳ They get stuck in an endless loop of trial and error, wasting valuable time
  2. 😰 They procrastinate and avoid the business side, waiting to "feel ready"

(Spoiler alert - NEITHER of these are good options.)

But there is another option.

There's a way to take action and learn these skills now, WITHOUT spending a decade doing it alone like I did.

Introducing my 🎬 Composing Career Bootcamp.

This program packs ALL of the essential skills, systems, and frameworks I learned to help you master the business of music-making and start getting paid to do what you love.

In SIX WEEKS, I'll teach you how to:
  • Build your career 100% remotely so you can live wherever you want
  • Expand your network without feeling awkward or sales-y
  • Build your audience online with minimal extra effort
  • Consistently get responses from your cold outreach
  • Find work without applying to jobs online
  • Communicate your value and get paid what you're worth 

When I applied the framework you'll learn in my Bootcamp, my career turned around completely.

In 2022, I made $83,742 USD from my music and finally achieved my dream of becoming a full-time media composer.

(I've worked with amazing clients from all over the world, and 100% of the work I do is from the comfort of my home studio!)

Some of my clients today include... 

And as a full-time media composer, here's what I can promise you:
  • 🧠 You DON'T have to be "the next John Williams"
  • ✈️ You DON'T have to move to Los Angeles
  • 🚪 You DON'T need top-secret backdoor industry connections

You just need to apply the right framework to start seeing IMMEDIATE results towards your composing career goals.

If you're ready to take action, I look forward to seeing you in the 🎬 Composing Career Bootcamp. 🙌


My 6-Week Training Program

One module a week, with lifetime access to a total of 150+ exclusive video lessons.
Week 1 → 🎯 Strategy

Learn my proven framework to become a full-time composer, and prepare for your journey with an eye-catching reel and resume.

15+ Lessons
Week 2 → 💬 Networking

Tap into your inner circle to discover industry leads, and master the art of cold emails/messages to guarantee responses.

25+ Lessons
Week 3 → 📣 Marketing

Easily begin delivering value with minimal effort on social media to build an audience of fans and future clients.

25+ Lessons
Week 4 → 🔎 Job Hunting

Use my Lead Discovery Process and 1-Sentence Pitch Scripts to land work instead of submitting endless job applications. 

25+ Lessons
Week 5 → 🤝 Negotiation

Master sales without feeling sales-y, start charging more, and use my contract templates for a seamless hiring process.

25+ Lessons
Week 6 → 🎹 Delivery

Learn how to communicate and manage projects so well that your clients will sing your praises and keep working with you.

15+ Lessons

12-Month Student Portal Access

Weekly assignments and challenges, and direct access to me and other Bootcamp students. 
💬 Private Student Portal

Gain 12-month access to our private portal to network with me and other Bootcamp students and get feedback on your work.

🙋‍♂️ Direct Hotline to Zach

Get all of your career questions answered by Zach through the duration of the 6-week program (plus access to 40+ Q&A videos).

🍎 Weekly Challenges

Start taking action towards your career with our Weekly Networking Challenge and bonus assignments for each module of the course.


50+ Exclusive Templates

Lesson recaps, a bonus resource page, and my proprietary Composing Career Dashboard which includes:
🗂️ Lead Tracker Database

A ready-made Notion table to help you keep track and categorize leads that you've met (or plan on reaching out to)

📩 15 Email Templates

Copy the exact outreach formulas I use to expand my network, send followups, and request referrals.

💬 4 Pitch Scripts

Save months of trial-and-error with 4 simple one-sentence pitches I use consistently to convince clients to hire me.

🗓️ Follow-Up Tracker

Don't lose work from forgotten leads. Get notified when (and how) to send follow-ups to people in your network.

💸 Invoice Template

Create invoices, auto-calculate totals, and track payments directly within your Notion dashboard.

🤝 Contract Templates

Save time with easy, copy-paste templates for both formal contracts and informal email agreements.


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