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🔎 Find Your “Why” with Ikigai 🧠 mindset Oct 17, 2023

When I ask students, they’ll often tell me “I write music because I love it.” And I hear that.

But often as those composers try to turn their passion into a profession, they run...

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🛣️ Learn to Love the Journey 🧠 mindset Sep 19, 2023

 One of the most difficult parts about an artistic career is the the lack of a straightforward path.

There is no "magic bullet" for mastering composition, finding work, or building an...

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😢 Losing Passion for Your Art 🧠 mindset Aug 22, 2023

The irony of full-time creative work is that many people pursue them to escape a 9-5 and do what they love…

…only to work twice as long, through weekends, and with an endless sense of...

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🕊️ Break Free From Perfectionism 🧠 mindset Aug 21, 2023

Composing a minute of music used to take me 20+ hours. I wanted every second to be perfect. But no matter how long I worked, I was never happy with the finished product. 

I had to learn how to...

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💔 Dealing with Criticism as a Composer 🧠 mindset Aug 21, 2023

Pursuing creativity isn’t easy. The choice to become an artist is already difficult, let alone dealing with other people's opinions about it.

And when it comes to art, everyone has an...

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📚 F*ck Your Feelings, by Ryan Munsey 🧠 mindset Jul 18, 2023

I recently picked up Ryan Munsey’s book “F*ck Your Feelings”—a book designed to help you overcome the limiting beliefs and habits that stop you from getting the results...

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