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🛠️ The Gear You Need to Compose Full-Time 🎚️ production Nov 07, 2023

It can often be overwhelming to see big-name film composers with massive setups and thousands of dollars worth of gear.

But here’s the good news:

You don’t need all of that to start...

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🎻 MIDI Strings Programming Tips 🎚️ production Oct 24, 2023

Today’s video shoutout goes to Simon Passmore, a fantastic composer and mockup wizard who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on several projects!

Simon has some tips in his newest...

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🎚️ How to Play Your Fader Like an Orchestra 🎚️ production Aug 29, 2023

With just one week left until my Orchestral Mockup Fundamentals course release date, I thought I'd share a little preview from the course itself.

Here's a few strategies I use...

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🌎 Four Cool Instruments from Around the World 🎚️ production Jul 11, 2023

The hunt for great orchestral colors can be so captivating that sometimes we forget about all of the wonderful colors that exist outside of orchestral music.

I want to share...

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🎤 Mastering Mic Positions For Mockups 🎚️ production May 23, 2023

When it comes to adding roominess to your mockups, it's not just about reverb--it's about depth.

Depth can be simulated by sending instruments to shorter convolution reverbs, but the...

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💡 The Mockup That Started It All 🎚️ production May 09, 2023

This piece moved me to tears when I first heard it. It reignited a flame in me to pursue orchestral music production.

But it wasn’t because of the composition—it was because of the...

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