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πŸ€” The Hunt for the Adjective πŸ’¬ communication Oct 31, 2023

Collaborators and clients don’t always say what they mean.

One of the most important phases for a composer is the “spotting” session, when the composer and director discuss where music should and shouldn’t be, and any overarching moods, themes, or styles.

Spotting sessions can happen synchronously either in-person or via a call, but in my experience often happen...

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🚩 Three Red Flags from Potential Composing Clients ⭐️ highlights πŸ’¬ communication Aug 21, 2023

When a potential client says any of these three phrases, be very cautious about taking them on.

(They're common traps to make you feel pressure, guilt, or false excitement.)

If you DO decide you'd like to work with them, here's how to navigate these tricky word traps.

Trap #1: "We Have a Great Opportunity"

Sometimes, when a client first presents an opportunity, you can't help but...

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πŸ—£οΈ How To Speak To Clients πŸ’¬ communication May 02, 2023

If you’re just getting started as a media composer, you’ve probably been doing it alone so far.

Maybe you’ve scored some movie clips with the music stripped out. Maybe you haven’t written music to picture at all.

And you may not have ever received feedback from a client.

Revisions and feedback can be daunting. But survival as a media composer is based on...

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