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💰 Is The Music Budget Too Low? Try This. 💵 money Oct 24, 2023

(Today’s topic is taken from the Negotiation module of my Composing Career Bootcamp program. If you want to get paid for your music and are ready to learn some powerful new skills, be sure to...

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💵 How Much to Charge for Composing 💵 money Aug 21, 2023


Per Hour, Minute, or Project?

The Problem with Hourly

Hourly pricing in the creative space presents two problems.

Firstly, a client doesn’t know how many hours a project will take...

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⚓️ Charge More: Escaping "Price Anchoring" 💵 money Apr 25, 2023

Once you learn this, you'll never fall for it again.

Have you found yourself suddenly dropping your price because your client threw a budget at you that was way off from what you had...

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