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🥰 How to Rebuild Your Confidence as a Composer ⭐️ highlights 🧠 mindset Apr 09, 2024

One of the most difficult questions I’ve ever been asked came from a 30-year old composer back in 2023.

Here’s what he wrote to me:

“On paper, I have the knowledge, experience, and abilities to pursue a full-time musical career in some form or another.

But I lack FAITH.

On a good day, I still can’t see where all of my efforts are leading. And a bad day, my work feels...

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❤️‍🩹 Overcoming "Content Block" for Composers ⭐️ highlights 🧠 mindset Mar 26, 2024

Throughout the last 365 days, my YouTube channel has been climbing rapidly to nearly 100,000 subscribers.

But for the past few months...

I'd been dealing with a pretty hefty creative block.

It started with a short break from content creation I took in November to create the  Composing Career Bootcamp.

But as more time went on, I found it harder and harder to resume the types of YouTube...

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🤔 How to Decide if Composing Full-Time is Worth It ⭐️ highlights 🧠 mindset Feb 06, 2024

A few weeks back, an old friend and colleague of mine reached out in response to my newsletter to ask about a career pivot he’s been considering.

(He’s probably reading this one, too—hope you don’t mind me sharing!)

From my understanding, he composes mostly for pleasure at the moment, but has thought about giving it a go full-time.

When reaching out, he asked me for my...

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🐼 How I Got to Compose for Kung Fu Panda on Netflix ⭐️ highlights 🤝 networking Jan 16, 2024

If you’re trying to find paid work composing for media, I’m sure you’ve fallen into this trap.

You Google “film music jobs” on Google, or see an opportunity pop up on social media.

Your heart races with excitement as you imagine the thrill of working on that project.

And then you read the job requirements.

Your heart sinks.

You’re not qualified. 


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🌐 Creating a Website as a Composer ⭐️ highlights 🤝 networking Dec 26, 2023

I recently had a student from the Composing Career Bootcamp ask me for tips on creating a website.

Here’s my opinion:

Social media profiles can pretty near serve as websites these days.

(Especially if it's an account you're active on and have your work on)

About 50% of clients interested in working with me reach out on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

But if you opt to go for a website as...

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🏋️ Composing Careers Need Practice, Too ⭐️ highlights 💼 finding work Nov 21, 2023

If you’re trying to make composing a full-time profession, your practice routine needs to change.

Think of it like exercise.

The left side of your body is your craft...

  • Composing
  •  Orchestrating
  •  Mockups
  •  Scoring

... and the right side of your body is your business:

  •  Networking
  •  Marketing
  •  Pitching
  •  Negotiation
  •  Communication
  •  Project...
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💰 Is The Music Budget Too Low? Try This. ⭐️ highlights 💵 money Oct 24, 2023

 In the beginning of our composing careers, the reality is that we’re often not paid what our time and work is worth.

There’s a number of reasons for that:

  • We lack credibility, and therefore can’t command trust.
  • We lack work, and therefore can’t command competitive demand.
  • We lack experience, and therefore can’t deliver quality customer service.

But working...

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🛣️ Learn to Love the Journey ⭐️ highlights 🧠 mindset Sep 19, 2023

One of the most difficult parts about an artistic career is the the lack of a straightforward path.

Because the truth is:

There is no "magic bullet" for mastering composition, finding work, or building an audience.

And I remember feeling that frustration, too.

When I was in college, I attended an orchestral rehearsal for a composer whose wife was my composition teacher. Eager to take advantage...

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🚩 Three Red Flags from Potential Composing Clients ⭐️ highlights 💬 communication Aug 21, 2023

When a potential client says any of these three phrases, be very cautious about taking them on.

(They're common traps to make you feel pressure, guilt, or false excitement.)

If you DO decide you'd like to work with them, here's how to navigate these tricky word traps.

Trap #1: "We Have a Great Opportunity"

Sometimes, when a client first presents an opportunity, you can't help but...

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💵 How Much to Charge for Composing ⭐️ highlights 💵 money Aug 21, 2023

(Want to auto-calculate your rates? Check out my FREE music pricing calculator!)

Per Hour, Minute, or Project?

The Problem with Hourly

Hourly pricing in the creative space presents two problems.

Firstly, a client doesn’t know how many hours a project will take you—and you probably don’t either.

This makes it difficult to quote projects, and often leaves us underestimating the...

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