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🤯 John Powell Doesn’t Hear Notes 🎹 composition Dec 05, 2023

When I was in college, I was taught that the best composers hear their music BEFORE they write it.

The formal term for this skill is audiation—the ability to hear or comprehend music when...

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Throwback Tuesday: God of War - Ragnarok 🎹 composition Nov 07, 2023

Next Thursday marks the 1-year anniversary of one of the coolest games I’ve ever watched.

God of War: Ragnarok had it all—a phenomenal story, lush gameplay and graphics, and an ...

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🎻 How to Learn Orchestration in a DAW 🎹 composition Oct 17, 2023

A few weeks back, my buddy Mattia Chiappa released an important video for composers writing in DAWs.

I often get asked by students for recommendations on orchestration books or scores to study....

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🎻 Is Orchestral Practical or Creative? 🎹 composition Aug 29, 2023

My parents recently got a chance to hear a piece from a live recording session I had with a full orchestra.

After listening, my Mom asked me about how orchestration works as a part of the...

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🎶 Composing Memorable Melodies 🎹 composition Aug 21, 2023

The Building Blocks of Great Melodies

To write a melody that your audience will remember, you need to know the 3 basic ingredients of many great melodies.

The “Whistle Factor”

If you...

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😬 Escape Composer's Block 🎹 composition Aug 21, 2023

 If you want to compose for a living, you'll have to learn how to push through creative blocks.

Here's 6 tactics for when you're feeling stuck, and how to get back to creating quickly:


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