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🥰 How to Rebuild Your Confidence as a Composer ⭐️ highlights 🧠 mindset Apr 09, 2024

One of the most difficult questions I’ve ever been asked came from a 30-year old composer back in 2023.

Here’s what he wrote to me:

“On paper, I have the knowledge, experience, and abilities to pursue a full-time musical career in some form or another.

But I lack FAITH.

On a good day, I still can’t see where all of my efforts are leading. And a bad day, my work feels...

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🎙️ My Interview for Akash Thakkar’s Sound Business Podcast 👂 listening 💼 finding work Apr 02, 2024

I love listening to podcasts.

So when sound designer and educator Akash Thakkar invited me onto his ‘Sound Business Podcast’, I jumped at the chance

On this episode, we discuss:

  •  The key to an effective practice routine
  •  How to stop comparison from killing your creativity
  •  Why you need to take risks (especially if you hate them)

I highly recommend it for some...

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🗓️ How I Start Every Week to Avoid Overwhelm 🧠 mindset Apr 02, 2024

As you may have discovered yesterday…

Mondays can make or break your energy and motivation for the rest of the week:

I used to feel like Garfield.

I’d over-exert myself at the start of every week, thinking:

“I’ve got to get EVERYTHING done on my to-do list to stay ahead!”

But every time I’d do that…

I’d be SO exhausted by the end of the day...

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❤️‍🩹 Overcoming "Content Block" for Composers ⭐️ highlights 🧠 mindset Mar 26, 2024

Throughout the last 365 days, my YouTube channel has been climbing rapidly to nearly 100,000 subscribers.

But for the past few months...

I'd been dealing with a pretty hefty creative block.

It started with a short break from content creation I took in November to create the  Composing Career Bootcamp.

But as more time went on, I found it harder and harder to resume the types of YouTube...

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📖 How to Build a Brand, Not Just a Business (feat. Chris Do) 🧠 mindset Mar 26, 2024

Some of you may know that I’m a huge Chris Do fan.

Chris is an artist, educator, and co-founder of The Futur, a channel with career advice that has been absolutely invaluable in the growth of my personal business as a composer.

In this interview with Chris, I was drawn to his encouragement on “building a story brand”:

A “story brand” is the difference between you...

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🌎 Do You NEED to Move to L.A. to Compose Full-Time? 💼 finding work Mar 19, 2024

In case you missed my recent YouTube video

I moved to Los Angeles in 2019 to continue my pursuits of composing for a living.

Prior to my move, I was in Tennessee, doing various music jobs including:

  •  Playing piano at a local church
  •  Teaching piano and guitar
  •  Doing music copyist work
  •  Taping sheet music together for a music librarian
  •  Recording YouTube videos...
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❌ How to NOT Get Paid Composing Work 💼 finding work Mar 12, 2024

Have you ever inverted a question?

This is a technique I learned recently from a business mentor of mine, and the concept blew my mind.

Here’s why…

When faced with a problem, we often ask ourselves:

“How do I solve this problem?”

But the issue with that approach is that if we knew how to answer that question, we’d already be doing it.

Composers looking...

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🎬 How to Score a Scene with ZERO Experience 🎬 scoring Mar 05, 2024

In case you didn’t catch it…

I was recently featured helping out my friend and musician Aurelie Couble on her new video, where she challenged herself to score a scene with NO previous scoring experience:

We chatted in some detail about numerous scoring tips, and I sent Aurelie my FREE Fundamentals for Film Composers Guide for some pointers.

( If you haven’t grabbed this...

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🔊 How to Make Sure Your Music Gets Heard 🎚️ production Feb 27, 2024

Today, we’re going to be talking about stems.

This topic was sparked from a great conversation I had with a Bootcamp student a few weeks ago.

(I’m sure he’s reading )

You may already know that media composers are often asked to split their track into stems: individual groups of instruments that “sum” to the total full mix when combined.

In some cases, this...

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🎻 John Powell’s “Migration” Score 👂 listening Feb 27, 2024

Long-time followers of mine know my borderline unhealthy obsession with anything from John Powell.

And his new Migration soundtrack isn’t any different:

The main theme gives me strong Mancini/Silvetri vibes, while also staying true to the classic “Powellisms”.

His infectious melody is supported by hyperactive string 16ths, grooving bass-lines, chitter-y trumpets, and...

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