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🎹 4 Tips To Orchestrate Like A Pro 🎹 composition May 09, 2023

A few months ago on Instagram, I wrote this post:

The post outlined four essential principles for good orchestration. I realize that not everyone has Instagram (or knew I had an account), so here's those tips in written format!

(And if you are on Instagram, I've got lots more tips like this there )

Tip 1: Exploit contrast

Use a variety of colors, densities,...

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πŸ“š Family-First Composer πŸ“š books May 09, 2023

Whether you're just getting started trying to compose for a living, or you've been doing it for decades, this book is invaluable.

I've had the privilege of speaking with Steven, and he's the real deal.

He's accomplished what many professional composers have not--maintaining a life outside of his career.

Early on, most composers jump at the chance to work any amount of...

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πŸ€“ For The John Powell Fans... πŸ‘‚ listening May 02, 2023

This track was on repeat when I first heard it. 

Vaughan Williams’ “Five Variants of ‘Dives and Lazarus’” is a gorgeous example of effective string writing, and to me, is highly reminiscent of some of Powell’s work in ‘How to Train Your Dragon’:

One of the things that strikes me about this piece is how Williams distributes...

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🧭 Embrace The Journey, Not The Destination 🧠 mindset May 02, 2023

Let’s face it:

If you’re a composer, you deal with self-doubt.

We often feel like imposters. Our work isn’t good enough to share. Our beliefs aren’t backed by enough experience. And once people learn the truth about us, we’re done for.

But there’s a reason we feel this way.

And it’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Here’s how it...

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πŸ—£οΈ How To Speak To Clients πŸ’¬ communication May 02, 2023

If you’re just getting started as a media composer, you’ve probably been doing it alone so far.

Maybe you’ve scored some movie clips with the music stripped out. Maybe you haven’t written music to picture at all.

And you may not have ever received feedback from a client.

Revisions and feedback can be daunting. But survival as a media composer is based on...

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πŸ”Š Telling Stories Through Sound 🎬 scoring Apr 25, 2023

Wired recently released one of the coolest videos on sound foley I've ever seen.

I've always been obsessed with telling stories through music, but it's fascinating to see how creatives in other departments of entertainment accomplish storytelling through their own means.

In this video Joanna Fang walks us through how different genres of media can influence how she...

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βš“οΈ Charge More by Escaping "Price Anchoring" ⭐️ highlights πŸ’΅ money Apr 25, 2023

Once you learn this, you'll never fall for it again.

Have you found yourself suddenly dropping your price because your client threw a budget at you that was way off from what you had expected?

You think:

"If that's their budget, there's NO WAY they can afford my rate."

Welcome to price anchoring.

In short, price anchoring means that the first price someone hears...

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πŸ‘‹ Why Networking Conventions Don't Work ⭐️ highlights 🀝 networking Apr 18, 2023

When I first moved to LA, I went to an 60-minute network mixer at VidCon - a convention for creators with over 75k attendees.

I was eager to connect with other artists, share my story, and build an exciting base of new clients.

Over the course of that hour, I chatted with close to 50 creators, accumulating 20 business cards and passing equally as many of my own around.

After I...

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πŸ’Ύ Why use External Drives for VSTs? πŸ€– workflow Apr 18, 2023

This topic stumped me for a while. Here's the short of it:

Computers do two things at once with data: reading and writing.

When composing in a DAW, your computer reads the sample from the VST folder... but it also writes data into your project file (wherever that file is saved).

Now imagine two currents, flowing in opposite directions--one for reading,...

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🎻 "The Asteroid Field" - Orchestration Breakdown πŸ‘‚ listening Apr 18, 2023

This channel is massively underrated.

Brad Frey has been doing orchestral score analysis videos for several years now, and recently did a breakdown of one of my all-time favorite JW cues:

What I love about his newest videos is that he takes the time to isolate individual elements from sections, both in score and audio, so you can hear the building blocks of the cue.

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