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🛑 Stop Scoring to Picture 🎬 scoring Jun 20, 2023

Here’s a tip that’ll change the way you score scenes forever.

When starting off composing for media, many composers start by matching on-screen emotions 1:1. If a character is...

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🤩 "How to Compose Like..." 🎹 composition Jun 20, 2023

This week, I’m sharing a bunch of videos with you.

Here’s all of the episodes from my “How to Compose Like” series, where I break down a piece from a popular...

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🤯 4 Life-Changing Lessons 🧠 mindset Jun 13, 2023

In May, I joined Rich Webster’s quarterly “Work Less Cohort”—and it was one of the best decision’s I’ve ever made.

Too often, creative entrepreneurs build a...

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⏰ How To Make An Orchestral Template in 1 Hour 🤖 workflow Jun 13, 2023

If you’re a composer writing orchestral music and you haven’t made a template yet, you could be saving hundreds of hours a year.

Templates aren’t for everyone, but...

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🤖 I’ve Been Cloning Myself 🤖 workflow Jun 06, 2023

I saw entrepreneur and educator Chris Do speak at a university a few weeks ago.

During the panel, a student asked Chris what he thought about the influx of A.I., and what it meant for...

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🎵 Scoring An Animated Short 🎬 scoring Jun 06, 2023

One of my all-time favorite clients to work for is Team True Potential. They’re a 3-person team of animators who create gorgeous short films on YouTube.

(If you’ve been...

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