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⏰ How To Make An Orchestral Template in 1 Hour

🤖 workflow Jun 13, 2023

If you’re a composer writing orchestral music and you haven’t made a template yet, you could be saving hundreds of hours a year.

Templates aren’t for everyone, but for me, they’re 100% indispensable in my ability to deliver high-quality music on time to clients. But for many creatives, the non-creative act of routing, color-coding, and labeling a large template feels daunting (and frankly, a bit boring). 🥱

In one of my more popular videos, I’ll walk you through how to make a basic orchestral template in less than in hour. I cover as much as I can possibly think of, including bouncing audio within a project—a feature in my personal template that was a total game changer.

(And if you still find template-making cumbersome, check out my personal template for sale for Logic users.)

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