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🤖 I’ve Been Cloning Myself

🤖 workflow Jun 06, 2023

I saw entrepreneur and educator Chris Do speak at a university a few weeks ago.

During the panel, a student asked Chris what he thought about the influx of A.I., and what it meant for creative professionals. 🫢

Chris paused for a while. Then he said this:

“Imagine that all of you are running from a giant, man-eating bear. To survive, you don’t have to be the fastest, but you can’t be the slowest.”

(A.I. is the bear.) 🐻

He went on to explain some incredible things he was doing with A.I. in his business to help generate content ideas, automate and systematize his business, and allow him to reach more people faster.

I was beyond inspired. 💡

Now, I have something to confess…

Did you watch this video a few weeks back? 🎥

That's an A.I. generated title.

Enjoying my carousel posts on Instagram? 🎨

I use A.I. to help generate ideas for new content.

I've even used A.I. for this newsletter. 🫢

Remember the post a few weeks back on the Dunning-Kruger Effect?

... Yup.

My notes to A.I.:

What A.I. delivered:


With that said, does A.I. pose a threat to jobs? Absolutely. 🚫

(Any time new technology is introduced to systems, there are jobs at stake.)

Am I using A.I. to replace my thinking? Nope. ✅

(A.I. is great at a lot of things, but we’re not at the point where executive creatives and thinkers are threatened—at least not yet.)

If you want to embrace the A.I. surge, think about something you automate, delegate, or deliberate on. Try using A.I. to brainstorm some new ideas, generate a rough script or email response, or help you create a new system/template. 💡

Teach it to be like you, and reap the rewards of cloning your creativity. 🙌

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