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πŸ’‘ The Mockup That Started It All

🎚️ production May 09, 2023

This piece moved me to tears when I first heard it. It reignited a flame in me to pursue orchestral music production.

But it wasn’t because of the composition—it was because of the realism. 🎻

Daniel Beijbom was the winner of a 2019 mock-up competition held by the Virtual Orchestration forum on Facebook. His piece, “The Fields Above the Sky”, is an incredible example of what good composition and production chops can yield with today’s tools:

I highly recommend watching the full tutorial—you’ll be surprised to see how unrealistic many sections sound when isolated, and how cheap some of the plugins he’s using are (many being stock plugins from Logic’s factory library).

Remember: crafting good mock-ups isn’t just about the tools you’re using. It’s about how you use them. πŸ‘

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