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🛠️ The Gear You Need to Compose Full-Time

🎚️ production Nov 07, 2023

It can often be overwhelming to see big-name film composers with massive setups and thousands of dollars worth of gear.

But here’s the good news:

You don’t need all of that to start getting paid to make music.

Here’s what my setup looked like in 2016:

I’ve got a laptop propped up on a wooden board on a dual keyboard stand, sitting in-between my Yamaha HS5 monitors (which I’ve had my whole life and am still using). Below it is a very lightweight 61-key keyboard (used that for nearly 10 years), and behind it is a $20 monitor I got on Ebay.

🖥️ Hardware Cost: $2,000

(If you go headphones instead and buy a cheaper MIDI keyboard, you could drop that down to $1,500)

In terms of software, I’ve only ever used Logic Pro ($200). And the VSTs I had totaled around $500.

🎻 Software Cost: $700

💰 TOTAL COST: $2,700

And that’s the setup I used for years.

I’m not saying that $2,700 isn’t a sizable investment. But you probably don’t need to upgrade your gear from where it’s at now to start getting paid to compose.

Here’s why 👇

The shift from hobbyist to professional doesn’t happen because of a fancy new VST plugin, top-of-the-line monitors, or an 88-key weighted MIDI controller.

The shift happens from what composers do when they’re not writing music. ✅

(My Composing Career Bootcamp covers all the groundwork that happens away from composing. The 50% pre-sale launches in two weeks!)

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