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❌ How to NOT Get Paid Composing Work

💼 finding work Mar 12, 2024

 How to NOT Get Paid Composing Work

Have you ever inverted a question?

This is a technique I learned recently from a business mentor of mine, and the concept blew my mind. 🤯

Here’s why…

When faced with a problem, we often ask ourselves:

“How do I solve this problem?”

But the issue with that approach is that if we knew how to answer that question, we’d already be doing it.

Composers looking to find more work opportunities often fall into that trap:

“How can I get clients to find my work?”
”What do I do to raise my rates?”
"What can I do to convince people to work with me?”

Each question here is open-ended.

There might be answers to these questions, but it feels a bit foggy.

But now, imagine now that we invert the questions: 🔁

“How can I get clients to NOT find my work?”
”What can I do to LOWER my rates?”
”What can I do to convince people to NOT work with me?”

See how the inverted answers become clearer?

If we wanted clients to NOT find us, we’d:

  • 📲 Stop posting online
  • 📩 Stop reaching out
  • 👋 Stop asking for referrals

If we wanted to LOWER our rates, we’d:

  • 👍 Say “yes” to every project
  • ❌ Never negotiate
  • 🎓 Never learn higher-value skills

And if we wanted to convince people to NOT work with us, we’d:

  • 🫵 Focus on our needs instead of theirs
  • 😡 Be difficult to work with
  • 🎹 Deliver poor work

Inverting a question allows us to get answers to the OPPOSITE result…

Which allows us to then invert the answers themselves.

This week, I challenge you to invert a question you’ve been asking yourself and getting stuck on.

(Then invert your answers to get yourself back on track 😉)

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