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🎬 How to Score a Scene with ZERO Experience

🎬 scoring Mar 05, 2024

In case you didn’t catch it…

I was recently featured helping out my friend and musician Aurelie Couble on her new video, where she challenged herself to score a scene with NO previous scoring experience:

We chatted in some detail about numerous scoring tips, and I sent Aurelie my FREE Fundamentals for Film Composers Guide for some pointers.

(☝️ If you haven’t grabbed this guide yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. I packed lessons in there that took me a long, long time to figure out on my own, and will be adding more in the future!)

So how did Aurelie do?

After lots of experimentation, trial-and-error, and a feedback session with me before her final draft, I think her final result was quite strong for a first go at scoring!

(She messaged me recently to tell me that the experience was so inspiring, she’s thinking about continuing to try scoring!)

That’s the power of new challenges. πŸ†

Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone forces you to solve problems you’ve never faced before.

It can certainly be daunting…

But it makes the reward all the more satisfying.


This week, I challenge YOU to push yourself to try something new.

That could be a musical goal (e.g. composing your first piece for full orchestra)…

A career goal (e.g. finally sending that cold email to that person in the industry you know)…

Or a personal goal (e.g. going to a new coffee shop and reading a book)

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