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👋 Why Networking Conventions Don't Work

⭐️ highlights 🤝 networking Apr 18, 2023

When I first moved to LA, I went to an 60-minute network mixer at VidCon - a convention for creators with over 75k attendees.

I was eager to connect with other artists, share my story, and build an exciting base of new clients.

Over the course of that hour, I chatted with close to 50 creators, accumulating 20 business cards and passing equally as many of my own around.

After I made it home, I unpacked my bags and found those business cards.

I took a moment to read through them...

... and realized I didn't recognize a SINGLE NAME.

So what happened here?

When networking fails, it's usually because of the mindset composers have when they go and do it.

The intention starts off good (to meet new people), but we often hunt DESPERATELY for common ground - anything we can think of to keep the conversation spirited and walk away having successfully handed off our info.


If you REALLY want to make connections with people, you've got to start with people who you already know and like, and who know and like you back.

The best leads are people in your circle who:

  • 🤩 Inspire you
  • 💪 Challenge you
  • 🤣 Make you laugh
  • 💡 Teach you something new
  • 🥰 Make you feel comfortable

Take a minute to reach out to them and thank them for impacting you.

Engage with their lives, share value with them, and focus on giving instead of taking.

Do that for long enough with enough people...

And over time, you'll see your network and influence grow.

The best work I've ever done has always been for people I already got along with.

Be patient enough to wait for those people to appear in your life, and spend your energy nourishing those relationships once you find them.

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