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💪 Transform Your “Nervous Energy”

🧠 mindset Jan 23, 2024

To reframe anxiety related to your art or career, think about it like a rollercoaster.

On the way up, you feel nervous, anticipating the steep drop ahead. 😰

“How much higher? What will the drop feel like? What if it goes too fast?”

That anticipation and nervousness peaks at the very top of the rollercoaster, until…

…the drop. 🎢

Suddenly, the once-quiet crowd erupts into screams of joy and thrill as anticipation turns to experience.

What was once anxiety is now adrenaline.

(It’s the same reason some people will go from crying to laughter, or vice versa. Most of the time, opposite emotions are more alike than not.)

When you feel nervous about your pursuits, all you’re experiencing is “nervous energy”. It’s not positive or negative—it’s just neutral.

Instead of letting it hold you back, you can “convert” that nervous energy into something that drives you forward.

Instead of thinking, do.

Instead of saying “what if?”, say “so what?”

Embrace uncertainty as a healthy sign that you’re embarking on your own personal adventure. 🌎

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