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🤯 The Explosive Music of Oppenheimer

👂 listening Aug 22, 2023

I finally got the chance to see Oppenheimer in theaters a few weeks ago, and was quite literally blown away by the incredible score composed by Ludwig Göransson.

In this interview, Ludwig highlights some of the challenges and inspirations behind his score:

While I don't always agree with every choice Göransson makes to picture, I do feel that his willingness to take risks and make bold musical statements is what cements him as one of the definitive up-and-coming figures in the film music scene.

My favorite tracks are "Can You Hear the Music?" and "Ground Zero". The polyrhythmic nature of the soundtrack and the unique sound palette has only grown on my ears the more I've listened. Highly recommend seeing the movie (and listening to the OST) if you haven't!

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