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⌨️ The DAW shortcut I Can't Live Without

πŸ€– workflow Apr 04, 2023

 If you're not using this one, start now. Seriously. You'll thank me later 😁

Poin-and-click workflow is inefficient. It's slower than typing, and unhealthy ergonomically in the long-term. As a general rule, when you catch yourself clicking on something over and over again in your workflow, learn or create a shortcut to replace it with.

With that in mind, the most time-saving shortcut for me by far is hotkeys for quantization. Think about how often you click in your editor to choose a note value, enable/disable triplets/dotted notes, or even just hit "quantize".

You can literally save hundreds of hours over your career by setting this up, and it takes 5 minutes.

In this video, I share how I've mapped my hotkeys for quantization in Logic:

video preview

If you're not a Logic user, there's most definitely something similar in your DAW. Set it up, give yourself 1-2 weeks to adjust, and marvel at the hours saved πŸ€“

(And if shortcuts and nerdy workflows are your thing, you might like my Composition Hacks course)



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