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😒 Losing Passion for Your Art

🧠 mindset Aug 22, 2023

The irony of full-time creative work is that many people pursue them to escape a 9-5 and do what they love…

…only to work twice as long, through weekends, and with an endless sense of unyielding urgency. βŒ›

Rushing to “make it” as a professional composer is a quick and inevitable path to burnout. If you’re feel that urgency, it might be time to pause and reflect on why.

Just like anything sustainable, creative careers need restrictions in place. Without them, our passion quickly turns into an addiction. πŸ˜“

Here’s a few things to try:

  1. Limit the amount of time you spend writing music each day Creating limits allows you to work more deeply in the time you’ve allotted, and gives you time to recharge the battery. πŸ”‹
  2. Establish days/times you don’t work Adhere to your no-work schedule just as strictly as you do with your self-imposed work schedule. (This one’s easier said than done, but vital to avoid burnout)
  3. Find a hobby outside of music If music is becoming your profession, accept the fact that it won’t always feel like an outlet. Build some new outlets into your weekly routine to give you something to look forward to when the work is done.

Remember: If you’re running a creative business, you’re the boss and the employee.

You need to treat your employee with the respect, care, and kindness they deserve (and need) to flourish.

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