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🤞 Is That “Exciting Opportunity” Just Another False Promise?

💼 finding work Nov 14, 2023

Sometimes we’re offered opportunities that feel too good to be true.

They usually are.

It’s not that people mean to mislead or deceive you (always).

It’s that they don’t always know what they want. 🤷

Here’s how to navigate common obstacles when an “exciting opportunity” comes your way:


📝 The WHAT

False opportunities are abstract and undefined. ❌

“We’re working on this massive project—it’s going to be epic.”

Real opportunities are concrete and well-defined.

“We’ll be needing about 10 minutes of orchestral music.”

💡 How to Fix It:

Request specifics. If they don’t have them, reconvene when they do.


🗓️ The WHEN

False opportunities come with smiles and promises.

“It’s gonna be great! I’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to work together!”

Real opportunities come with actionable next steps.

“We’re really excited about it—we should be ready to start in October, so let’s set up a meeting for then.”

💡 How to Fix It:

Be the one to initiate the next steps.


🌎 The WHY

False opportunities are impossibly ambitious.

“Our new game is going to redefine what gaming can be.”

Real opportunities have calculated, measurable impact.

“We’re hoping to land our game on Steam to start, and see where we go from there.”

💡 How to Fix It:

Don’t buy into dreams too quickly. Judge success on the success and enjoyment of the collaboration.

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