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❗ Introduce Jeopardy Into Your Goals

🧠 mindset Jan 23, 2024

I watched an incredible interview with chef, entrepreneur, and TV celebrity Gordon Ramsay last month.

The interview is packed with little gems from a man who’s spent his entire life climbing uphill, but one of his lessons really stood out to me.

Check out 38:30 to hear Gordon’s thoughts on risk.

When asked about how he handled the insecurities and doubts surrounding risk, he responded:

“Success needs an underlying level of jeopardy. There’s no success anywhere in the world that hasn’t got jeopardy. I strive for perfection. My life is about high performance, and when I haven’t got that high performance, I need to up the jeopardy. When I go into these situations and it’s all safe and easy and a piece of cake, I’ll turn it upside-down to create a little more drama, a little more jeopardy, to keep me on my toes. And so that’s self-perpetuated.”

Instead of turning away from fear, he turns towards it.

When things feel too easy or safe, he disrupts it.

Gordon embraces risk as an inevitable consequence of the pursuit of “greater”.

There’s many moments in the pursuit of our musical and/or professional goals where we might feel insecure, unqualified, or unsure of our own abilities to get where we want to go.

But to go from dreamers to do-ers, we need to learn how to transform fear into excitement.

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