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🤯 A Musical in a TV Show in a Story in a Video Game

👂 listening Jan 30, 2024

I’ve recently been playing Alan Wake II, a psychological thriller about a writer whose fictional stories come to life as he’s writing them.

Beyond the game being extraordinary in terms of storytelling, music, and gameplay, what REALLY struck me was a mid-game intermission featuring a hybrid live-action and interactive musical.

(Mild spoilers below:)

The implementation of the musical was nothing short of BRILLIANT to me, and watching a video honestly doesn’t do it justice.

I was particularly impressed with the fact that regardless how quickly/slowly you move through each room, the music in the musical is continuous. Guitar solos keep churning, drums signal new sections, and the transitions into each verse and chorus are seamless no matter when you trigger the next section with your actions.

Highly recommend the game if you’re into things like Resident Evil, The Matrix, or David Fincher films!

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