Solo Violin - Pizzicato [FREE]

Solo Violin Pizz Image.jpg
Solo Violin Pizz Image.jpg

Solo Violin - Pizzicato [FREE]


• Dark, dry solo violin pizzicato
• Keyswitching between open & dampened pizz.
• Open strings sampled, unlike many pizzicato VSTs
• Useful for doubling with ensemble VSTs for added realism

• G2-Bb4 range
• 3 Velocity layers (with built-in velocity crossfading)
• 78 Samples
• 2 Keyswitches:

C2: Open pizzicato
C#2: Dampened Pizzicato

FULL VERSION of Kontakt 7.1 or higher
(Kontakt Player will run in 'Demo' mode, allowing you to use the instrument in 15-minute increments)

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Listen to how the ZH Solo Violin Pizzicato can double with low-quality VSTs to create added realism and expressivity:

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