Horror Cymbal Bows

Horror Cymbal Bows.jpg
Horror Cymbal Bows.jpg

Horror Cymbal Bows


• 36 unique cymbal bows, performed by Frank Tedesco & recorded by Zach Heyde
• Wide array of cymbal bowing from subtle to screeching, short and long
• Useful for horror music and ambient effects

• C1-B3 range
• 1 velocity layer per sample, 36 unique samples
• Kontakt and EXS24 versions included

C1-F#1: Quiet cymbal bows
G1-B1: Hi-hat bows
C2-D#2: 2 cymbals bowed simultaneously
E2-A#2: “Screeches”
B2-C#3: “Droplets”
D3-D#2: “Rattles”
E3-G3: Choked cymbals
G#3-B3: Tremolo cymbals

FULL VERSION of Kontakt 7.1 or higher OR EXS24
(Kontakt Player will run in 'Demo' mode, allowing you to use the instrument in 15-minute increments)

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