Zach Heyde

composer • pianist • copyist • youtuber


Zach Heyde (b. 1993) is a composer for animation, film, and game currently residing in Nashville, TN. He specializes in both orchestral and ambient music, characterized by evocative harmonies and concise melodic material. He is a skilled pianist, and performs with Frank Tedesco as “Frank & Zach Piano Duets”—a YouTube channel with over 150k subscribers to date.

Heyde holds a B.A. summa cum laude in music composition from the prestigious Hartt School in Hartford, CT. During his time at Hartt, Heyde composed actively for student films, animations, theater, and the concert hall, and performed with local hip-hop/soul band Broca’s Area. He was commissioned by Alfred Music Publishing for numerous duets with Frank Tedesco, and several years later the duo founded sheet music webstore Stems Up Sound.

After graduation in 2015, Heyde taught piano and composition in his hometown of Darien, performing frequently with singer-songwriter Griffin Anthony. In late 2016 Heyde relocated to Nashville, TN, working as an assistant music copyist for Engraver’s Mark Music & Jason Loffredo Music Publishing. He recently completed scoring The Hard Candy Kid, a full-length mockumentary by the Beals Brothers slated for release in early 2018.